My name is Myrte Bomhoff, I am a native Dutch speaker, and I also speak English and Spanish. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in various languages, cultures and intercultural communication.


My international network has frequently asked me to help with Dutch lessons, tutoring in other subjects, and support with adapting to Dutch culture and society.


As I developed my skills in teaching expatriates and their children, I realized how important this support is to adaptation, and how much I enjoyed facilitating this transition from being an outsider to being settled into a new home. This is one of the (main) reasons why I founded Taal Talentosa.


I hope to reach even more children and teenagers/young adults, to support them with their social skills and language development.

“I very much enjoy intercultural communication and believe that with a better understanding and open mind about each others culture we can all learn from one another.”
– Myrte Bomhoff